Alone we can do so little,
together we can do so much.

Who we are

A group of entrepreneurs and professionals engaged in different sectors, but with the common goal of making a concrete contribution to the reduction of textile waste that is invading the world. When Wastex Engineering was founded in 2021, it seemed utopian to imagine finding a destination for pre and post-consumer textile materials that were difficult to separate, treat, and recycle.


Thanks to commitment and various skills, Wetex is now able to offer different solutions to meet the needs of companies that want to transform their waste into new materials. The sectors of application are diverse, but the proposed solutions always aim to add value to material destined for landfill, as it is difficult to separate.
Continuous research and deep knowledge of the textile sector are the two strengths that have allowed Wetex to grow in order to achieve the initial goal: thanks to innovative processes, textile waste has become an opportunity.

The partners